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Guests gathered at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum to fete its newest exhibit

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It was an appropriately beautiful crowd that gathered to celebrate the opening of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s Gorgeous exhibition. In collaboration with SFMOMA’s “On the Go” program, Gorgeous explores the often-ambiguous nature of beauty through various themes, such as “Seduction,” “Fantasy,” “Evocation” and “Danger.”  With over 70 works of art culled from the two museum’s collections, the mix of paintings, photographs, drawings, objects and sculptures that fill four galleries spans dozens of cultures and nearly 2,200 years of history. Highlights include works by Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, Robert Mapplethorpe and Marcel Duchamp. Guests who joined gala co-chairs Elizabeth Fullerton and Nanci Nishimura at the opening night black tie affair included Gorretti Lui, Rosina Sun, Jerry Yang and wife Akiko Yamazaki, Sako Fisher, Wilkes Bashford, Willie Brown, Deepa Pakianathan, Jeff Garelick, Eliza Cash, Sotheby’s Jennifer Biederbeck, Cori and Tony Bates and Joy Venturini Bianchi.

The exhibition will be on view from June 20 through September 14.



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