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Party Reporter: Michael Aram’s 25th Anniversary

The metalwork artist celebrated 25 years in the business with a glittering cocktail party this week. We ask Aram: “What was life like for you at 25?”

On the night Michael Aram hosted a party at the Museum of Art & Design’s Robert Restaurant in honor of a milestone—25 years in the industry—we wanted to know exactly what life was like at the formative age of 25 years.

Michael Aram

Michael Aram

“I had just left working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went to India on a trip to visit friend of mine.  While I was there, at age 25, wondering what to do in the next phase of my life, I started working with craftsmen on the roadside in India—Old Delhi—and just made pieces that were inspired by the things that they were making. They were making functional pieces, so my head automatically went to that space of decorative, functional art. Before that, in New York, I was making fine art pieces, and now after 25 years of the company, [I want to go back] to my roots as a fine artist. The 25th anniversary is coming full circle for me.

“So much of my story is not just about my design, but about the making of the objects, my workshop and the team that works alongside of me. It’s a wonderful look back.”

Photos of the art from the event below.




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