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AM Radio Just Got More Fashionable

Former LVMH CEO Mark Weber’s talk show Always in Fashion will now air twice a week

Much like film, television or music, the fashion industry has a certain allure. Being in the business means being in proximity to beautiful people and designer goods, knowing the next big trend before it hits, and just seeming all-around glamorous to the rest of the world. On his radio show Always in Fashion, former LVMH CEO Mark Weber satiates some of the curiosity surrounding the business of fashion by tackling various topics like advertising, how politics affect fashion, and the difference between fashion and style. 

In Weber’s long career as an executive, he worked with high-fashion brands like Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Phillips Van Heusen and more. Of turning to radio, he said in a release, “I was right—radio is an exciting medium. Each week on 77 WABC, one of the largest talk show stations in the country, in the largest media market in the country, I speak to more people than I have in my lifetime.” Always in Fashion previously aired on Saturday nights and will now air on both Saturday evenings from 8pm – 9pm and on Sunday from 5pm – 6pm. You can also listen online at wabcradio.com