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In the throes of award season, Los Angeles gave a warm welcome to red carpet regular Patek Philippe

Legendary timepiece brand Patek Philippe friends and fans, including Geary’s CEO Tom Blumenthal and socialite Judy Chang, flocked to The Beverly Hills Hotel’s Bar 1912 to pay homage to the line’s glittering new additions. New York-based Patek Philippe USA president Larry Pettinelli flew in for the occasion to fete the brand’s latest timepieces and to drop hints about the Swiss family-owned company’s 175th anniversary—not to mention a highly anticipated upcoming limited-edition series in celebration of the company’s big year. Pettinelli sported a handsome watch from the 150th anniversary collection for the occasion—a nod to his own 25th anniversary with the company. But the watch connoisseur was mostly mum on the brand’s festivities, set to take place in October in New York. “When collectors get wind of a limited-edition series, a frenzy usually follows!” he said. Count us in.



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