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Hamilton Shirts is Making Houston Stylish

For Kelly Hamilton, it’s all about the perfect-fitting shirt

Hamilton Shirts, founded in 1883, is as American an institution as apple pie. Worn by statesmen, entertainers, and businessmen alike, the shirts made by the Houston-based company are beloved around the world, each one handcrafted from start to finish in the company’s Galleria workshop.

Hamilton shirts are available in both classically tailored silhouettes (in more than 500 fabrics) and Western styles with local flair, and with fourth-generation family members and siblings David and Kelly Hamilton at the helm, the brand is evolving with the launch of its first women’s collection. “I’ve wanted to have a women’s collection ever since I can remember,” says Kelly Hamilton, who oversaw the collection.

“I won’t lie: It hasn’t been easy, and we’ve tried and failed a few times. But we learned an extraordinary amount from what didn’t work, and I can now say with total confidence that we offer women shirts with the best fit, fabric selections, and styling options in the market.”

Two of the brand’s new women’s shirts.

What was it like growing up in such a sartorial family?

My dad is always impeccably dressed and has a deep knowledge of quality craftsmanship. That’s had a large influence on me; I really do love a handmade garment.

What stamp have you left on the company?

One of the things I’ve focused on is the overall experience our customers have—whether it’s in our store and factory or online. I want people to walk in and feel comfortable asking questions about the process, and leave feeling like they’ve had a truly unique experience.

What’s your favorite piece from the women’s line?

You can’t go wrong with a great-fitting white shirt. It’s versatile and will always be in style, not to mention it’s flattering on everyone.

What audience are you trying to reach with this launch?

I want women to know that this level of customization, which has historically only been available to men, is now available to them…and, frankly, that’s pretty awesome.