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A Luxury Furniture Company’s Expansion into Ready-to-Wear

BassamFellows debuts cashmere, sunglasses, shoes and more

Though they’re based in the small town of New Canaan, Connecticut, Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows are no strangers to the fashion capitals of Manhattan, Paris and Milan. Having been instrumental in the reinvention of European mega-brands like Ferragamo and Bally—Bassam is an architect and designer, Fellows a creative director and branding expert—it was a natural next step for the duo to expand their furniture and design company, BassamFellows, into ready-to-wear.

Men’s leather boots, $850; Women’s sunglasses, $500

“Some people are surprised, given that most fashion companies are trying their hand at furniture, that we’re just doing it the other way around,” says Fellows. “A lot of our designs stem from things we want in our own lives but couldn’t find anywhere,” says Bassam, who’s inspired by early modernism. “I think the BassamFellows customer is one who believes that things that last are the only ones worth acquiring.”