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In New York City Tonight? Look Up

As the supermoon hangs in the sky, one of the world’s tallest buildings debuts a luminous public display

Last night, people turned their gazes upwards to gawk at the breathtaking and rare supermoon which lit up the night sky—and Instagram. While the New York Times reports that the pinnacle of the moon’s magnificence in New York City occurred in the early morning hours before sunrise this morning, the eye-catching orb will in fact make an encore appearance tonight.

432 Park Avenue

Just in case there was any chance that this historic lunar event might eclipse the usual majestic twinkle of the New York City skyline, another (man-made) phenomenon at 432 Park Avenue will be lighting things up even more this evening. The tallest residence in the Western Hemisphere will power up a public display of lights said to be visible from all five boroughs. Of the skyscraper’s 96 stories, five floors feature windowless openings revealing illuminated 30-foot drums.

The building, designed by Rafael Viñoly, is home to residences starting at $17.5 million and, aside from being a work of art, offers amenities like an indoor swimming pool, library, screening room, fitness center and more.