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Lindsay Silberman

Senior Editor


Lindsay Silberman is a Senior Editor at DuJour Magazine. Her work has been published in GQMen’s Fitness, Playboy and Zagat. Lindsay was a Staff Editor at TVGuide.com prior to joining DuJour; she began her career as a business reporter at Inc. Magazine. An avid traveler, she’s perpetually planning for her next global getaway. Lindsay lives in New York City and graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Recent Articles
  • Room Request! The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

    Room Request! The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

    Guests like Victoria Beckham and Jeremy Renner adore this Hong Kong hotel’s spacious suite

    Escaping the hustle and bustle of a manic city like Hong Kong is no easy task—unless, of course, you’ve found your way to the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, a contemporary boutique on Queen’s Road in the city’s business and fashion district. It’s a tranquil retreat with 96 rooms and ... More

  • Travel Diary: 48 Hours in Faena

    Travel Diary: 48 Hours in Faena

    The ultimate weekend in Miami’s just-completed billion dollar district

    Over the course of just three years, Argentinian fashion designer-turned-developer Alan Faena managed to completely reinvent Miami’s once sleepy mid-beach neighborhood, turning it into a buzzy hotspot packed with hedgefunders, celebrities and socialites. The six-block stretch—which he’s since dubbed the “Faena District”—now boasts a slew of Faena-branded projects, including two hotels, an 18-story luxury ... More

  • Secrets of Santorini

    Secrets of Santorini

    Enjoy this Greek isle's crystal blue waters and jaw-dropping views from the comfort of a $22,000-a-night private villa

    There is nothing—nothing—that rivals the post-card-perfect scene of a Santorini sunset. Immaculate white buildings set against the shimmering Aegean Sea are what people most often associate with the Greek island, about an hour, or five, from Athens (depending on whether you’re arriving by plane or high-speed ferry). It’s one reason ... More

  • Havana Holiday

    Havana Holiday

    Five things every first timer should do in Cuba's buzzy capital

    With loosened travel restrictions for American tourists and direct flights rolling out on almost every major US airline, visiting Cuba in 2017 is about to get even easier—and more convenient—than ever before. According to the Cuba Travel Network, one of the country's leading travel agencies, bookings from US-based clients ... More

  • Room Request! BeTulum

    Room Request! BeTulum

    A tropical retreat promises unprecedented luxury on the Caribbean coast of Mexico

    Stepping into the palm-tree-shaded paradise of BeTulum—a boutique hotel in Quintana Roo, Mexico—guests are at once transported to an alternate universe, where margaritas appear out of thin air and time moves slowly.  A typical day at BeTulum goes something like this: roll out of bed at 10, stumble to ... More

  • An Unforgettable Fall Trip: Piedmont, Italy

    An Unforgettable Fall Trip: Piedmont, Italy

    Hedonists and epicures, rejoice! Read about the ultimate autumn getaway

    When it comes to jetsetting, there’s luxury travel…and then there’s Fischer Travel. The New York-based concierge has arranged everything from private, after-hours tours of The Vatican to last-minute private-plane charters to St. Barths for 70 people. With more than 50 years of experience making the impossible possible for the highest of ... More

  • The Bucket List: Queenstown, New Zealand

    The Bucket List: Queenstown, New Zealand

    Five of the South Island's most exclusive, life-altering offerings

    It’s virtually impossible to describe the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand to anyone who hasn’t visited, but all I can say is this: it is truly one of the most magnificent places on earth. The breathtaking experience begins from the moment you fly into Queenstown Airport, which recently ... More

  • The 10 Commandments of Tasting Menus

    The 10 Commandments of Tasting Menus

    Two top chefs weigh in on the dos and don’ts of a multi-course dining experience

    As a dinner guest, embarking upon a multi-course tasting menu at a well-regarded restaurant can be an intimidating experience. What’s the appropriate protocol if there’s something being served that you don’t like? How do you politely leave a course untouched if your pants are bursting at the seams? And ... More

  • The Best Brewers

    The Best Brewers

    Three ways to get your caffeine fix—from instant gratification to all-day affair

    45 seconds: The Nespresso VertuoLine Pop a domed capsule into the chamber, press a button and voilà! An insanely rich cup of coffee (or shot of espresso) in under a minute. For those in a time crunch, it’s a no-brainer.   $199, nespresso.com 7 minutes: Chemex Glass Coffee Maker Coffee connoisseurs have long preferred ... More

  • Travel Diary: 3 Days in Paris

    Travel Diary: 3 Days in Paris

    A hotel with Eiffel Tower views, an unforgettable Michelin-star meal and an oasis of vintage haute couture