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The Fountain of Youth in NYC

New York City–based Dr. Steven Victor is changing the landscape of health with his innovative approach to medicine at ReGen Medical

The Solow Building at 9 West 57th Street just got a groundbreaking new tenant. Dr. Steven Victor and his ReGen Medical group are a testament to the way regenerative technology can help you heal and get stronger. The office offers the latest breakthroughs and therapies in health technology to help maximize energy and strength, prevent disease and extend your health span. “Regenerative medicine seeks to replace tissue or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma or congenital issues versus the current clinical strategy that focuses primarily on treating the symptoms,” explains Dr. Victor.

Originally trained as a cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Victor performed thousands of liposuction procedures over the years. “I learned that the fat I was throwing away contained numerous capillaries, and in the walls of these capillaries were stem cells.” Twenty years ago, he traveled to Athens, Greece, to learn more about the possibilities of stem cell therapy. “I came back to New York City excited and began integrating stem cell therapy into my practice using the technology I learned, using enzymes to break up the fat to harvest the stem cells.” Dr. Victor then invested in a mechanical method to separate stem cells from the capillaries in the fat (or adipose tissue) and built a cellular lab in which to process the matter. “Stem cell therapy is useful where modern medicine fails,” says Dr. Victor. “So, we can help with ailments that traditional medicine fails to fix. Aging is inflammation and a decrease in circulation. Stem cell therapy helps to vastly reduce inflammation and increase circulation so you feel younger and better.”

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When the Solow Building’s owner, Stefan Soloviev, decided to add amenities to the iconic Midtown space, he believed tenants would love a medical wellness center and so he reached out to Dr. Victor, who was looking for a new office space. At 9 West, ReGen Medical has a full staff of emergency room physicians and cosmetic dermatologists, all supported by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. When it’s completed in a few months, the new space will offer regenerative medicine, fitness, wellness and aesthetics services as well as a membership, concierge-medicine service for 24/7 access to care for building residents and private patients alike. Dr. Victor is also excited to be able to offer patients a full lab to process their bloodwork and other samples and special medical imaging equipment.