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Discover the Honest Sounds of Cobi

The singer-songwriter leads with his heart on his new EP Songs From The Ashes pt. 1

Soulful singer-songwriter Cobi began his career as the front man in Boston-based indie band Gentlemen Hall. Thanks to a string of singles that delivered both heartfelt lyrics and a dynamic voice reminiscent of Hozier, Cobi has already made a name for himself as a solo artist. With his first EP Songs from the Ashes pt. 1, Cobi further establishes himself as an emotive lyricist backed by mesmerizing synth sounds. “Each song has come from some type of pain that has burned out,” Cobi says. “It’s like the alchemy or the transformation of pain into something more beautiful.”

With just three tracks, the EP encapsulates Cobi’s raw energy and unique songwriting ability. “Some songs are based on personal experiences and others are more imaginative,” he says. “They each have layers of meaning which is how I experience music. I think people can take the songs and interpret them how they see fit.”



From the ethereal sounds of “Underneath” to the pulsating beat of “Goddess,” Songs from the Ashes pt. 1 offers listeners plenty of room for interpretation. Still, the singer suggests just one bit of guidance: “Listen with an open heart and don’t try to analyze and figure things out,” Cobi says. “If people open their hearts and shut off their minds, they’ll understand it because chances are, they’ve experience the feelings that the songs are coming from.”

With a full-length album in the works, Cobi is eager to grab people’s ear and share his honest sound.