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Pop Star Kim Petras On Climbing the Charts

The young singer opens up about being named a Spotify RISE artist and her new single “Slow It Down”

After racking up more than four million Spotify streams on her single “I Don’t Want It At All” and featuring a special guest appearance by Paris Hilton in the song’s cheeky video, Kim Petras has been named one of Spotify’s RISE artists. The program is meant to give emerging artists a platform through Spotify’s 140+ million fanbase. Petras is no stranger to the media attention though. The Cologne, Germany native received gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16 and with her family’s support has become a true icon in the world of pop music, and beyond. Petras began transitioning following her 12th birthday, which led to the media taking notice and her becoming a beacon of light and hope for people who have been bullied or have lacked a support system in life.

“My family and I wanted to help other transgender kids with parents who didn’t support their transition,” Petras says of her experience. She adds that despite any challenges she faced, receiving messages from people thanking her for helping them made her experience that much more amazing. “I got a lot of hate and transphobia when I was young,” she says. “It made me care even more about LGBTQ issues. It taught me how important real friends are and made me care less about fame.”

Now 25, Petras may not put fame on a pedestal like your typical pop star, but she has definitely been noticed by fame. In particular, the support she’s received from Spotify has helped her climb the charts quicker than she ever expected. “Spotify is the future of music. They truly care about independent artists just as much as artists who are signed,” Petras says.

Petras has recently released her newest single “Slow It Down” and the sexy track was immediately added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Her uber-pop sound is reminiscent of Britney Spears and offers feelings of nostalgia for the bright pop of the 90s. “I want people to feel sexy when listening to it,” Petras says of her new single. “It makes me feel like what I imagined prom to be like, before I went to an actual one,” she adds.

With a full-length album on the way, listeners can expect fun, synthy, nostalgic pop music. “The album has songs from me as a 16-year-old up to me as a 25-year old. It will be my whole life and my whole heart,” Petras decides.

Main image credit: Colby Koch