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Atalie Gimmel is a contributor at DuJour and graduate of New York University. Before DuJour she was an intern at Vox Media and Marie Claire and a staff writer for NYU Local. She runs on culture and coffee, and will forever be a Jersey girl at heart. Follow her on Twitter at @ataliegimmel and on Instagram at @gimmelatalie.

Recent Articles
  • Fitness Tips from SI’s Newest Model

    Fitness Tips from SI’s Newest Model

    Ebonee Davis on how she maintains her envious physique

    With the premiere of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, we’ve seen many fresh faces thrust into the spotlight, including newcomer Ebonee Davis. DuJour asked the stunning 23-year-old model to share her best workout tips and tricks, like how to achieve abdominal perfection, change up routines and stay motivated.  What are your go-to ... More

  • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: Stained Glass Basketball Backboards

    The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today

    Fit for the kings of the court

    Artist Victor Solomon has uniquely paired luxury with basketball in a new series of backboards and hoops handcrafted from stained glass and jewels, respectively​.  Aptly titled Literally Balling, the collection nods to our culture’s devotion to the sport and the modern-day kingship of athletes. Solomon—who spent over 100 hours on ... More

  • Kith’s First Kids Line

    Kith’s First Kids Line

    Iconic looks shrunk to size

    Today, trendy streetwear retailer Kith debuted their new kids collection, KidSET, for toddlers and grade-schoolers. The 25-piece collection includes brand favorites—the Astor MA-1 bomber jacket, Bleecker sweatpants, Fulton hoody and more—in miniature form. Pieces will be offered in a variety of colorways, including black, olive, apricot, ash grey and ... More

  • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: An Underwater Museum

    The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today

    It will, quite literally, take your breath away

    International artist Jason deCaires Taylor has curated Europe’s first underwater museum.  Museo Atlántico, located in the waters off the Spanish island of Lanzarote, features a powerful collection of completely submerged sculptures at depths of between 40 and 50 feet. Like deCaires Taylor’s similar projects in Mexico, ... More

  • Chrissy Teigen’s Kitchen Remodel

    Chrissy Teigen’s Kitchen Remodel

    The mom-to-be gave fans a sneak peek

    Top model turned Hollywood’s favorite cookbook author Chrissy Teigen gave her Instagram followers something “delushious” to look forward to. The pregnant supermodel Instagrammed a photo of herself standing in the middle of a gutted kitchen inside the new five-bedroom Beverly Hills home she shares with husband John Legend. ... More

  • A Modern Clothing Line with a Worthy Cause

    A Modern Clothing Line with a Worthy Cause

    Buy a dress and raise awareness for gender inequality

    Rallier, a New York-based contemporary womenswear label, launched its very first (dresses-only) collection today. The feminine designs—made from a signature cotton fabric in partnership with a leading Japanese fabric mill—are simple and classic with accents of tropical Italian wool throughout.  Just as noteworthy as the chic silhouettes is the ... More

  • A Historic Fashion Industry Trend Is Taking Shape

    A Historic Fashion Industry Trend Is Taking Shape

    Burberry and Tom Ford lead the pack in radically altering the calendar

    Designers are beginning to reconsider their approach to the traditional concept of seasonal fashion. To date, the general public has only been able to buy collections six months after they premiered on the runway. But that’s no longer the case. Today, Burberry announced its plans to show seasonless men’s ... More

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

    Who's the smartest of them all?

    Google has found its way into your morning routine. One of the company’s software engineers, Max Braun, has invented a way to provide a technological twist on everyone’s favorite piece of bathroom décor: the mirror. The master tinkerer took to Medium to tease photos of his smart mirror (powered ... More

  • George Clooney Details His 25-Minute Marriage Proposal

    George Clooney Details His 25-Minute Marriage Proposal

    The actor reveals all the juicy (albiet slightly mortifying) moments

    George Clooney is as good as it gets, but even he is not exempt from the high standards of an A-list marriage proposal. Six months after meeting human rights lawyer Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), the now 54-year-old silver fox knew it was time to put a ring on it, ... More