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Interior Designer Martin Brudnizki Has an Eye for Style

The design star has worked on the most iconic venues in Vegas with perhaps his most exciting project launching this winter

Ever since he was a small child, Martin Brudnizki has been fascinated by design. Growing up in Stockholm with a stylist mother and mechanical engineer father set the foundation for his love of aesthetics and function. That is perhaps how he has become one of the rising stars of the design world, working on such legendary locations as the Beekman Hotel in New York City and Harry’s Bar in London.

Primrose Restaurant.

It is his work in Sin City however that has given us some of his most inspiring creations, with projects like the provençal château-inspired lobby at the Park MGM. Its stunning treescape vistas painted across folding screens stationed behind the front desks and the intricately laced branches that hang from the ceiling in a labyrinthine cluster that make everyone that steps into the space feel like they have been transported into a Guillermo del Toro film are true showcases of his talent. Brudnizki’s greatest skill is the ability to merge the traditional with the fantastical into a seamless amalgamation that is uniquely his vision. Speaking on his work in the city he says, “Las Vegas is very unique, with a history that has inspired millions of people. It is the epitome of fun; everyone comes to Vegas to have the best time so we always want to create interiors that encourage this emotion whilst remaining elegant, timeless, and glamorous.”

No such location represents this idea more than his work at the restaurant Bavette’s. With its dark richly appointed red velvet seating, stain glass lamps, and timber accents, the space at once feels like stepping through to a bygone era but with enough modernity, and uniqueness to keep the interior feeling timely. With so many show-stopping venues under his belt what really makes Brudnizki succeed in the competitive world of design is his ability to tell a story with his interiors. He says about the process, “We work very closely with the client from inception to completion, ensuring we work to their needs. We will first come up with a design narrative that effortlessly wraps up wants and desires whilst also making the space work on a business level. We are meticulous in detail and will have prototypes made for each element; everything is tested for comfort and functionality before being signed off by the client. It’s very collaborative.”

Bavette’s Steakhouse.

This ease with clients and ability to create such memorable spaces has led to his most exciting project yet: a new space opening this winter called the Mayfair Supper Club in the Bellagio hotel. Brudnizki says the space will keep the “glamorous spirit of old Las Vegas in mind, combined with the narrative of mythical stories and tales of the sea. The result is a space that is richly designed, with many layers that entice and cocoon its guests.” If it is anything like Brudnizki’s other spaces, we can guarantee that people will be flocking to the venue for years to come.

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