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Rachel Wallace

Editorial Assistant


Rachel Wallace is an Editorial Assistant at DuJour and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She previously interned at Liquor.com and can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @rachwall_.

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  • The Season

    The Season’s Top Timepieces

    Ruediger Albers, President of the American Wempe Corporation, shared his favorite watches


  • Holi in Pictures

    Holi in Pictures

    Across India today, people are celebrating (and Instagramming) this Hindu festival of colors


  • Tour Celine Dion’s Florida Beach House

    Tour Celine Dion’s Florida Beach House

    Inside the singer’s 13 bedroom oceanfront mansion near Jupiter


  • Drink DuJour: Dublin Redeye

    Drink DuJour: Dublin Redeye

    A more sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day drink

    With craft cocktails slowly taking over the world, there may actually be some acceptable reasons to boycott green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. At Stoke, a soulful, seasonal outpost in Charlotte, North Carolina, Manager of Drink DiSean Burns revamped the cocktail menu just in time to offer something a ... More

  • The Weekender: Lexington, Kentucky

    The Weekender: Lexington, Kentucky

    Slow down and enjoy a weekend in bourbon country

    No, this isn’t where the Kentucky Derby takes place. Smaller than its neighbor Louisville (the home of Churchill Downs) Lexington is less often discussed. The location of the University of Kentucky and the official “Horse Capital of the World,” this low-lying southern city is home to a handful of up-and-coming ... More

  • #TBT: Priscilla Faia

    #TBT: Priscilla Faia

    The star of You Me Her shares her favorite travel memory

    A synopsis of the show You Me Her reads a bit like a TLC reality show: Izzy (Priscilla Faia) is a graduate student moonlighting as an escort. Jack (Greg Poehler) and Emma (Rachel Blanchard) are a seemingly typical Portland couple who hire her to spice up their lackluster marriage. Throughout ... More

  • Drink DuJour: Bachelor Pad

    Drink DuJour: Bachelor Pad

    This drink is on the menu at the world’s best bar—seriously

    To label the quality of a bar is highly subjective. At the best places, there’s an ineffable vibration spurring the night along, allowing drinkers to surrender to their cocktails, but whenever I encounter that phenomenon, I wonder if it’s not simply my own life circumstances creating the perfect storm. More

  • #TBT: Leonardo Nam

    #TBT: Leonardo Nam

    The Westworld star shares the stories of two memorable red carpet moments—one with his mom, the other with Justin Timberlake

    Fans of Westworld, HBO’s successful foray into science fiction, know Leonardo Nam as lab technician Felix. One of the show’s few humans, he spent season one fixing up the lifelike robots which populate Westworld, a Wild West-inspired theme park. Unfortunately for fans, after a season finale full of twists, turns ... More

  • Inside a Luxe Upper West Side Building

    Inside a Luxe Upper West Side Building

    The five-bedroom penthouse at 210 West 77th Street recently sold for $20 million


  • Everything You Missed From the 89th Academy Awards

    Everything You Missed From the 89th Academy Awards

    What just happened?

    For the majority of last night’s Oscars, things were predictable. The cast and crew of La La Land reprised their Golden Globes performance, accepting six trophies (including Best Actress for Emma Stone) before it came time for Hollywood legends Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to announce the last, and largest, ... More