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Frances Dodds


Frances Dodds is the Senior Editor at DuJour Magazine, where she covers culture and style. She has her MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn. 

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    • His Holiness, Jude Law

      His Holiness, Jude Law

      The actor on becoming The Young Pope, his New Year's resolutions, and the compliment he won’t pay Donald Trump

      There is a scene in The Young Pope, about halfway through the series, in which we watch Jude Law’s character get dressed in his formal papal costume—gold embroidered robes, jeweled rings over red velvet gloves, the tiered papal tiara—to the groin-thrusting soundtrack of “Sexy and I Know It,” by LMFAO. Girl ... More

    • Why Joel Edgerton’s Time Is Now

      Why Joel Edgerton’s Time Is Now

      The actor on his Oscar-ready role in Loving, and why the Hollywood set should tread carefully with their political views

      When it came to casting the leading man in Loving, writer and director Jeff Nichols says simply, “It was Joel’s time.” Loving is Nichols’ fifth movie, the latest in a lineup of complex, genre-toppling films that garnered fervent critical applause, if tepid mainstream momentum. But it’s Nichols’ time, too, and ... More

    • Jeff Nichols is Changing Hollywood

      Jeff Nichols is Changing Hollywood

      The director behind Loving talks jumping the hurdle from indie to mainstream and the kinds of conversations he hopes his new film will inspire

      For nearly the past decade, the writer and director Jeff Nichols has been playing hard to get. Granted, it’s left him hungrier than the movie studios he’s flirting with, but the 37-year-old filmmaker—whose latest work, Loving, premieres in November—has a notion he can’t shake: that studios should invest in films ... More

    • Natalie Portman Gets Dressed Up

      Natalie Portman Gets Dressed Up

      The actress on her Oscar-contending role in Jackie, and the split selves of fame

      There was something endearing about the statement dress that Natalie Portman wore to a press day in New York this October, puffed dramatically at the shoulders and tenting over her pregnant belly. In a suite buried deep in the Peninsula Hotel—with large cardboard Jackie cutouts scattered around the premises, and ... More

    • The $100 Million Netflix Series

      The $100 Million Netflix Series

      Much is resting on the head of actress Claire Foy as she stars as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, winter’s most majestic new show

      It’s late at night. A young man gets out of a car and staggers up the driveway. He stumbles inside and makes his way to the doorway of a bedroom, his figure casting a shadow onto the bed where his wife is sleeping. He says her name quietly, but she ... More

    • Michael Shannon Has a Drink

      Michael Shannon Has a Drink

      The enigmatic actor on Nocturnal Animals, his forgotten loves, and the bittersweet spoils of success

      My first five minutes with Michael Shannon consist of plotting to get his attention without making physical contact. It’s 1pm at The Odeon in New York City and Shannon is sitting at the bar speaking into a flip phone, wearing sunglasses and sipping a small goblet of red wine. It ... More

    • 2016’s Defining Moments in Film

      2016’s Defining Moments in Film

      Actors from the season's most anticipated productions share the moments that matter the most to them

      It’s commonly said that movies are an escape from reality. In fact, the opposite is often true. Sometimes, the greatest films force us to face the subjects that make us most uncomfortable. This year has been one of the more divisive in recent history, and its defining performances—many of them, ... More

    • Michelle Williams’ Heart Breaks, Again

      Michelle Williams’ Heart Breaks, Again

      The actress on filming the Oscar-favorite Manchester by the Sea, her greatest hopes for her work, and fending off her worst nightmares

      Heartbreak is the language that Michelle Williams speaks most fluently. Sometimes she speaks it by way of silence, as she did in Brokeback Mountain, her breakout performance as the long-suffering wife of Heath Ledger’s (immortalized) gay cowboy. Sometimes she screams it, like she did in Blue Valentine, as she and ... More

    • Million Dollar Jewelry Club

      The Surprisingly High Prices of Rare Jewelry Pieces

      The worth of some of the world's rarest gems can be measured in homes, cars and private islands. Here, a high-stakes game of “Would You Rather”

      Recently at DuJour, we’ve come across a number of stunning pieces of jewelry with some staggeringly high price tags. We’re talking in the millions. There's no denying that stones this rare offer unrivaled beauty and craftsmanship, but it's still incredible to put their startling worth into perspective. So, in case you’re curious, ... More

    • Montauk’s Real Estate Makeover

      Montauk’s Real Estate Makeover

      The once-quiet East Hampton hamlet is now ringing

      Montauk—with its wild dunes, walk-up hamburger joints and grainy seafood hovels—has long been the sleepier and slightly shabbier sister of nearby Southampton and East Hampton proper. But the decrees that govern New York City real estate also govern its summer havens, so what was once passé now cashes in on ... More