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Frances Dodds is the Senior Editor at DuJour Magazine, where she covers culture and style. She has her MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn. 

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    • Romero Britto Answers Our Questions

      Romero Britto Answers Our Questions

      In honor of his World Cup collaboration with Hublot, the iconic Brazilian Neo-pop artist shares his thoughts on life

      With summer drawing near, perhaps the only hum more audible than the muffled bump of subwoofers in Brooklyn courtyards is the buzz of millions of football fans gearing up for Brazil’s World Cup. So we thought we'd catch up with Brazilian native Romero Britto, the Neo-pop artist whose lent his ... More

    • Katie Nehra Answers Our Questions

      Katie Nehra Answers Our Questions

      As the Tribeca Film Festival kicks off, the designer, actress and screen-writer fills in DuJour on her latest film, Alex of Venice

      Katie Nehra is a tall, sinuous blonde with intense green eyes. She is quick, funny and a little bit self-deprecating, as we quickly discovered over cups of seltzer water and tea. The actress is in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival, where her film—six years in the making—is ... More

    • Did They Really Just Say That?

      Did They Really Just Say That?

      James Franco makes an insta-mistake, Heidi Klum reveals her secret photographer and some more of this week’s most outlandish comments

      Instagram Likes “You’re 18? Who are you with? Do you have a bf? When is your bday? Where are you staying? What’s your #? Can I see you? You’re single? What’s the hotel? Should I rent a room? It’s me. Yes or no? Tomorrow or thurs?” – James Franco, attempting ... More

    • Did They Really Just Say That

      Did They Really Just Say That

      Joan Rivers takes a Lena Dunham critique too far, Karl Lagerfeld takes a hatchet to selfies and more of the week's cringe-worthy quips

      Shape Up "[Lena Dunham is] sending a message out to people saying it's OK, stay fat, get diabetes, everybody die. Lose your fingers… If you look the way you look, Lena, and that's fine and you're funny, don't say it's okay that other girls can look like this. Try to look ... More

    • Did They Really Just Say That?

      Did They Really Just Say That?

      This week, Divergent's Shailene Woodley and Vivienne Westwood both revealed bizarre bathing rituals

      Bathtime Revelations “Get in a bath and look at your body and be like, ‘Wow, thank you so much for hosting my mind and my heart,’ like as women you know, and also be pregnant with the world.” – Shailene Woodley, the heroine of Divergent, dishing slightly "out there" beauty advice ... More

    • Body Language: All About Arms

      Body Language: All About Arms

      The two most important moves for toning and a rising trend that gives new meaning to "arm lifts"

      DuJour’s “Body Language” column offers short tidbits of info about one specific body part each week. This week, it’s all about arms.   1. The Inspiration: Lupita Nyong’o First there was 12 Years a Slave. Then there was the Golden ... More

    • Veruschka: La Dolce Vita

      Veruschka: La Dolce Vita

      A new book unearths never-before-seen photographs of the German supermodel lensed by Johnny Moncada in 1960s Italy

      Richard Avedon named her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” In 1967, Life Magazine put her on their cover, calling her “the girl everybody stares at.” But if a single word is needed to describe the German Countess Veruschka, born Vera von Lehndorff, we'd say it's transformative. Formerly unseen pictures by Johnny ... More

    • Did They Really Just Say That?

      Did They Really Just Say That?

      Katie Couric's straight talk, Seth Rogan’s strong opinion of the Biebs and more of this week’s most surprising statements

      They Call Me the Boss “I used to be called bossy. Now I’m badass.” – Katie Couric, lending her voice to Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign, which encourages assertive little girls to shirk disparaging undertones often associated with words like “bossy.”   Foul Play “Let's be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could ... More