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Etta Meyer

Photo Director


Etta Meyer has been the Photo Editor and Director for DuJour magazine since its launch in 2012. She joined the magazine from the photography industry, where she worked in various capacities at Steven Klein Studio, Art + Commerce and CXA. She graduated from Barnard College with a degree in American Studies. While Manhattan is now home, Big Sky country is where she was born and where her heart will always remain.

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  • Fighting Sass with Sass

    Fighting Sass with Sass

    Meet Megan Ferguson, Billy Crystal's on-screen millennial assistant

    The new FX show The Comedians is a fictional documentary about the making of a sketch comedy show, starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad as themselves. Megan Ferguson plays a PA who is wholly unimpressed with the celebrities she tends to, but it’s all a part of her charm.  The show is ... More

  • Darling Debutantes

    Darling Debutantes

    Inside choreographer Mary John Frank’s interactive dance experience, DEBUTAUNT

    The question, “Where did you come out?” used to have quite a different meaning in this country, especially among certain socioregional groups. For Mary John Frank, New York-based choreographer and director, the answer is Houston, Texas, and the experience of her deb ball was the genesis for her latest work:  More

  • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: Dispatches from Down Under

    The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today

    DuJour contributor Adrian Gaut 'grams home from his latest adventure in Melbourne

    Following our world-class, world-traveling photographers on Instagram is a regular office pastime. This week, we noticed @a_gaut, a.k.a.  Adrian Gaut, dispatching stunning sun-soaked views of Australia. Best known for his architectural, interior and still life photography, Gaut captures the topography of the Melbourne coast with particular ... More