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Alyssa Giacobbe

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    • Paradise Found on Thanda Island

      Paradise Found on Thanda Island

      Luxury and sustainability meet on a tiny Tanzanian island

      Swedish entrepreneurs Dan and Christin Olofsson always wanted Thanda Island to be different. Back in 2016, when they started welcoming guests to the East African island they’d bought and built up over the previous decade, luxury travel was booming. Thanda was special, certainly, but there were ... More

    • Forget Wine—Parents in L.A. Have Other Ways to Relax

      Forget Wine—Parents in L.A. Have Other Ways to Relax

      Pot parties chill out stressed moms and dads...minus the hangovers

      On a recent Friday night, Laura and her friends gathered around a 22-seat farmhouse table on the back patio of a bungalow in Brentwood. It was just after 9 and the surface was littered with the telltale remnants of a good dinner party: casually just-so arrangements of white peonies, half ... More

    • How Art Basel Transformed Hong Kong

      How Art Basel Transformed Hong Kong

      ABHK, kicking off this week, is only the beginning of why this city is a cultural mecca

      Sandra Nunnerley puts it this way: “Hong Kong is fast.” The New Zealand–born, Manhattan-based interior designer has worked on high-profile projects around the world, from ski chalets in Telluride to penthouses in the Mitte district of Berlin. “But whenever I’m in Hong Kong, I immediately feel the pace,” she says, ... More

    • Discover Kohanaiki Club on The Big Island of Hawaii

      Discover Kohanaiki Club on The Big Island of Hawaii

      Hawaii’s private club boom separates the rich from the really rich

      Four years ago, Edwin Lucas and his family were looking to leave Whistler, the tiny British Columbia ski town where they’d spent the previous ten years. Lucas had retired in his early forties after a lucrative two decades working in finance in Asia. Regular vacationers in the islands, the family ... More

    • Room Request! Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

      Room Request! Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

      Sea and be seen at an icon of the Golden Age

      Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar is both forward-looking (i.e. perched atop the scenic Santa Monica bluffs) and historic; it’s located on the very plot of land where Santa Monica’s founder John P. Jones settled with his family in the late 1800s. Since its 1920s debut, the storied hotel ... More

    • Stories From a South African Safari

      Stories From a South African Safari

      Tracking African rhinos on foot gets safari-goers up close and personal with one of the world’s most beautiful--and compromised--animals

      In the northeast corner of South Africa, a few miles from the Swaziland border, I drape my “binos” around my neck, tuck my pants inside my socks, as you do—to prevent anything “foreign” from crawling up inside, of course—and prepare to embark into the bush, a city girl in search ... More

    • The Majesty of Morocco

      The Majesty of Morocco

      Traversing this North African country on an epic road trip reveals much more than its famed exotic antiquities and snake-charming mystique

      About halfway through our 4x4s slow climb over central Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, somewhere around the 7,400-foot Col du Tichka pass and its notably non-existent guardrails, I was pretty glad I had decided not  to get behind the wheel myself. Though I fancy myself a decent navigator, having mastered the ... More

    • Fido Gets a Facelift

      Fido Gets a Facelift

      From tummy tucks to testicle implants, pet plastic surgery is fast transforming man’s best friend

      Our humanization of pets is officially complete. Today, should they know to look for it, four-legged companions can find tailored versions of practically everything that makes people-life worth living: wine for cats, spas for dogs, Blue Apron-esque meal delivery services, Casper-brand dog beds, and Whistle, a Fitbit for pudgy pooches. ... More

    • The Weekender: St. Bart’s

      The Weekender: St. Bart’s

      How to spend a weekend on the glamorous island

      The Caribbean’s most famously posh destination, once described as “summer camp for wealthy, well-known New Yorkers,” has never been more accessible—or more appealing. Tradewind Aviation’s multiple daily flights from San Juan make getting to St. Bart’s easier than ever, with private charter service for the cost of a ... More

    • Till Death Us Do Part

      Till Death Us Do Part

      Grooms-to-be on bended knee battle it out for the most outrageous proposals

      Low-lit and immaculate, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the tony Back Bay neighborhood, and waiters semi-fluent in French (or at least the accent), upscale Boston restaurant L’Espalier is a special-occasion destination. Engagements are par for the multi-course, and longtime maître d’ Louis Risoli estimates he’s been witness to ... More