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Fiona Murray


Features Director

Anthony Rotunno

Senior Editor

Frances Dodds

Fashion + Beauty

Fashion Market Director

Paul Frederick

Regional Editors

Amiee White Beazley (Aspen), Holly Crawford (Houston), Holly Haber (Dallas), Rebecca Kleinman (Miami and Palm Beach), David Nash (San Francisco), Jessica Ritz (Los Angeles and Orange County), Rebecca Taras (Chicago), Andy Wang (Las Vegas)


Alex John Beck, Patricia Bosworth, Cedric Buchet, Anne Christiansen, Grant Cornett, Arthur Elgort, Douglas Friedman, Kyoko Hamada, Henry Hargreaves, Annette Poizner, Lindsay Silberman, Bruce Weber, Lynn Yaeger

Contributing Editors

Alyssa Giacobbe, Rhonda Riche (Watches)


Director of Social Media and Audience Development

Caitlin Heikkila

Web Producer

Kasey Caminiti

Editorial Assistants

Rachel Wallace, Atalie Gimmel

Web Assistant

Rachel Barber



Jason Binn

Chief Revenue Officer

Leslie Farrand


Senior Account Executive

Araceli Franco

Junior Account Executive

Berggitte Maeser

Advertising Sales Offices

Sylvie Durlach, S&R Media (France), Susy Scott (Italy)

Senior Executive Assistant

Dominique DellaMaggiore

Administrative Assistant

Brianna Montalto

Event Coordinator

Sara Strumwasser

Marketing Manager

Jennifer Lentol

Marketing Designer

Chelsea Hernandez


Mobile/Print Operations, Director

William Pelkey

IT Manager

Kevin Singh

Production Manager

Matt Reuschle

Print Consulting

Calev Print Media

Paper Sourcing

Aaron Paper



Rebecca (Dahlia) Nussbaum

Senior Financial Analyst

John Domingo

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Cabral-Choudri

General Counsel

John A. Golieb

Board Advisors

Jonathan Greller

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