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Frances Dodds


Frances Dodds is the Senior Editor at DuJour Magazine, where she covers culture and style. She has her MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn. 

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    • Room Request! Château Monfort, Milan

      Room Request! Château Monfort, Milan

      Live out your most opulent fairytale fantasies

      Say you were the whimsical sort, and say you were to walk into the lobby of the Château Monfort in downtown Milan, there’s a very good chance that you just might be submerged in a fantasy of Hans Christian Andersen proportions. They don’t call the hotel an “urban castle” for nothing. Home ... More

    • Brainy Beach Reads

      Brainy Beach Reads

      Forget fiction, this summer’s most anticipated titles all draw their inspiration from the real world


    • 7 Things You Never Knew About the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

      7 Things You Never Knew About the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

      As news breaks about the historic hotel’s future, a few glances to its past

      The Waldorf Astoria Hotel is without a doubt one of New York’s grandest and most storied hotels, and sadly for many, it seems that a chapter in its saga is coming to an end. A Chinese firm has acquired the hotel with plans to begin a three-year renovation that will ... More

    • Family-Run Paradises

      Family-Run Paradises

      Two remote destinations are staying ahead of the luxury-vacation curve

      KAMALAME CAY Andros, Bahamas After Jennifer and Brian Hew left Jamaica in the late 1960s, among a slew of other natives fleeing the country’s escalating political turmoil, they were in search of a new paradise to call home. Thirty years later, in 1994, they finally found that home on a 96-acre island ... More

    • ‘Lights Out’ with Alexander DiPersia

      ‘Lights Out’ with Alexander DiPersia

      This summer’s breakout actor may be starring in a horror flick, but what really scares him doesn’t go bump in the night

      Upon first meeting Alexander DiPersia, he might strike you as being especially calm, but mention this and he’ll waste no time correcting you. “I am not laid back,” he says. “You’re getting the nice side of me. Everybody else right now is getting the ‘dude, calm down’ side of me.” As ... More

    • Meet the Queen of the Boutique Luxury Safari

      Meet the Queen of the Boutique Luxury Safari

      In Kenya, one woman (and a Sir Richard Branson) are refining sustainable opulence

      When Sir Richard Branson came to Kenya in 2003, hoping to create a place for others to come and see the wonders of the continent he loves so famously, he knew he needed someone who really had a lay of the land. Leena Gehlot’s family has been involved in the luxury safari industry ... More

    • Raid the Top Closets in Paris

      Raid the Top Closets in Paris

      Meet the company that’s helping the world revamp its wardrobes

      In the relatively short lifespan of online shopping, seasoned disciples of fashion have too often found themselves in undisciplined territory. Questions of authenticity run rampant, and exclusivity grows increasingly elusive as any hidden gems you may discover are guaranteed to show up on someone’s “insider” shopping guide within days. And ... More

    • Famous Last Words: Daphne Guinness

      Famous Last Words: Daphne Guinness

      The handwriting of the fashion icon exposes what she’s kept hidden

      For decades, Daphne Guinness—heiress to that empire of velvety Irish stouts—has captured international attention for her work as a model, actress, film producer, philanthropist, art collector and avant-garde fashion impresario; no less than Lady Gaga has called her “a living legend and muse to the greats.” The genius of Guinness has ... More

    • Home, Very Literally, on the Range

      Home, Very Literally, on the Range

      Across the country, barns are giving inventive property owners the inspiration for renovation

      For anyone whose mother ever lifted a muddy sneaker from the living-room floor and muted the TV to say, “I hadn’t realized we lived in a barn,” just imagine the juvenile glee of countering, “Actually, Mom, we do.” Now, one home trend is giving reality to those cheeky childhood fantasies—though ... More

    • The Disaster of Romance, in 3 Life Stages

      The Disaster of Romance, in 3 Life Stages

      As Amazon's award-winning comedy Catastrophe returns with its second season, its star Rob Delaney talks straight (mostly) about the messy matter of love

      At the beginning of Catastrophe’s second season, we find Rob Delaney’s character (also named Rob) sitting in a sleek conference room—trying to backtrack on a joke he’d just made about why Coldplay might not be the most rousing soundtrack for an pharmaceutical ad—when he receives a series of texts ... More