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Kate Dingwall



French-Canadian (by way of New York), Kate is a drink and travel writer and sommelier. She writes about strong drinks and big adventures for Eater, Flare Magazine, Liquor.com, Culture Trip, VinePair and more. She lives out of a suitcase, but you can find her wherever there is good wine and bad karaoke.

Recent Articles
  • Toronto is in The Midst of a Hotel Renaissance

    Toronto is in The Midst of a Hotel Renaissance

    Meet the properties behind Canada's buzzy new hotel scene

    Over the last couple of years, Canadians have been patiently waiting until the borders burst open, setting the table and souping up a new suite of hotels to welcome international travelers. That time has come, and Toronto’s brand-new string of spaces are ready to welcome travel-deprived tourists. These new properties range in ... More

  • The Weekender: Fort Lauderdale

    The Weekender: Fort Lauderdale

    Savor an upscale getaway along the coast, complete with refreshing cocktails and local cuisine

    The thought of Fort Lauderdale may bring back memories of your college spring break days, featuring red solo cups, unfortunate tan lines and daytime beats. But, the Fort Lauderdale of today is an upbeat, beachfront paradise, delightfully devoid of red solo cups (though the tan lines may peek out after ... More

  • The Weekender: Savannah, Georgia

    The Weekender: Savannah, Georgia

    Savor a little sun, sand, and southern charm in this historic city

    For New Yorkers, Savannah, Georgia is just a two-hour flight away, but this southern city's spell-casting scenery of gnarled oaks and draping Spanish moss can feel far more transportive than that. Time seems to move a little slower here - maybe it is the year-round sunshine, verdant scenery, or the ... More

  • Room Request! Lido House

    Room Request! Lido House

    Newport beach’s glittery coastal retreat is worthy of Marissa Cooper

    May all your past OC fantasies come true at Newport Beach's Lido House. This gem is tucked in the heart of the sights and sounds of the famed coastal strip and just steps away from the city's seaside shopping promenades and the iconic Balboa fun zone. When More

  • The Most Stunning Hotel Rooms for Nature Lovers

    The Most Stunning Hotel Rooms for Nature Lovers

    Take a trip to the wild side with nature-immersed locales

    While the thought of being one with nature is nice in concept, it's tough to resist the creature comforts of luxury hotel amenities. Camping is always an option for those looking to walk on the wild side, but perhaps it's time to check in to a hotel room designed to ... More

  • Room Request! Uniworld’s Mekong Jewel

    Room Request! Uniworld’s Mekong Jewel

    This intimate luxury ship has free-flowing Champagne and a Banh Mi Bar

    The mention of a cruise may bring to mind kid-ridden boats and bad buffets. But Uniworld’s newest line of ships is redefining the idea of nautical travel, in the form of intimate vessels for the boutique hotel crowd. Designed with the elite traveler in mind, every room on board is ... More

  • The Weekender: Beaufort, South Carolina

    The Weekender: Beaufort, South Carolina

    Southern charm accents this slow, saccharine, South Carolina town

    There’s much to be charmed by in Beaufort, Charleston’s more Southern sister city. Aesthetics here are Antebellum: stately, pastel-hued mansions line the streets, each with sprawling wrap-around verandas and draping canopies of Spanish moss. Though the city dates back 303 years—evident in the historic homes and properties—don’t think the ... More

  • A Guide to Cycling Through Spain’s Bubbly Hub

    A Guide to Cycling Through Spain’s Bubbly Hub

    Make all of your bubbly dreams come true in Penedès, Spain with a four-day trip

    Think of Penedès as Spain’s equivalent to France's Champagne region, both in quality and culture. Wine makers have been conjuring up Cava—Spain’s parallel to Champagne (the sparkling wine)—here for centuries. Dissimilar to the prestigious hills of Champagne, Penedès is decidedly more relaxed. A laid-back air means most nights are ... More

  • Room Request! Halepuna Waikiki by Halekulani

    Room Request! Halepuna Waikiki by Halekulani

    The newest addition to the Waikiki strip promises sun, sand, serenity, and paradisal views

    Rich rainforests, shimmering beaches, and infectious aloha energy have drawn travelers to Hawaii for years. For most newcomers to the island of O’ahu, Waikiki Beach in the city of Honolulu is the first stop: the white sand beach strip acts as the heart of both the surfing and nightlife scenes. ... More

  • The Weekender: Curacao

    The Weekender: Curacao

    Spend a long, leisurely weekend diving into Cerulean blue waters

    Tourists have flocked to the azure waters of the ever-popular island of Aruba for decades. But, to dodge the tourist strips and flocks of cruise ship passengers, we suggest you head to the under-the-radar destination of Curacao. The Dutch island holds all the promises of a sun-laden island vacation featuring ... More