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  • Instant Gratification

    Instant Gratification

    Celebrate 50 years of automatic memories with Polaroid’s SX-70 camera

    The ability to capture instantaneous images with ease has become integral to our daily lives. Most of us have a camera on our person at all times, and many of us cannot remember a time when pictures were not instantly viewable on a digital device. In 1943, a young girl asked ... More

  • Behind The Scenes With Katie Holmes

    Behind The Scenes With Katie Holmes

    The James F.D. Lanier Residence was a stunning, historical backdrop for our cover shoot with Katie Holmes

    You don’t often hear Rihanna and Coldplay mentioned in the context of the Gilded Age, but Katie Holmes proved the two can happily coexist during her June 7 cover shoot for DuJour magazine, founded by Jason Binn. At 123 East 35th Street stands an imposing ... More

  • New York City

    New York City’s The James F. D. Lanier Residence Hits The Market

    A rare jewel of Manhattan's Gilded Age history awaits a new buyer in Murray Hill


  • The Queen Mother’s Crown Affair

    The Queen Mother’s Crown Affair

    The Queen Mother’s glittering Garrard & Co crown, created for the coronation of King George VI in 1937, comes out of retirement

    In her Platinum Jubilee message this February, Queen Elizabeth II stated that it was her “sincere wish” for Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, to be styled as Queen Consort when the time comes for Charles to take the throne. With Camilla’s title settled, the ever-important ... More

  • A Roman Villa Featuring the Only Ceiling Mural Caravaggio Ever Painted

    A Roman Villa Featuring the Only Ceiling Mural Caravaggio Ever Painted

    Caravaggio's Renaissance masterpiece, "Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto" (ca. 1597), goes under the hammer

    Sitting on half an acre near the Via Veneto in Rome, Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi, locally known as the Villa Aurora, was built as a hunting lodge around 1570. The villa is all that remains of a much larger compound commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte. The lodge ... More

  • Bag of Tricks

    Bag of Tricks

    Italian ceramicists Bertozzi & Casoni's “Luisa” breaks the mold

    Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni’s obsessive attention to detail and almost undetectable mimicry in their ceramic sculpture goes beyond deception. The hyperrealism of their work allows the viewer to interpret and absorb the meaning of the artists’ symbolism on a deeper level than just the appreciation of the ... More

  • The Inspiration Behind Fabergé’s Centenary Egg

    The Inspiration Behind Fabergé’s Centenary Egg

    Fabergé looks to its illustrious past to create a modern-day heirloom

    Expensive things interest me little if the value is merely in so many diamonds and pearls.” said Peter Carl Fabergé. This quote would come to represent the DNA of Fabergé, a house known for its painstakingly exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to tradition. Of the 200,000 objets d’art ... More

  • Commemorating The Year of Napoléon

    Commemorating The Year of Napoléon

    Empress Joséphine Bonaparte's jewelry appears in French house Chaumet’s spring exhibition

    The story of Marie-Josèphe-Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, later Empress Joséphine Bonaparte, reads like an epic screenplay: She was born in 1763 to an affluent sugar planting family on the French island of Martinique. At 16, Joséphine was sent across the ocean to France to marry the aristocratic son of ... More

  • Inside a Famous Dollhouse Fit For Royalty

    Inside a Famous Dollhouse Fit For Royalty

    The famous dollhouse made for Queen Mary features everything from mini Champagne bottles to tiny tubes of toothpaste

    As you scrolled through endless feeds on TikTok and Instagram during the ennui that was 2020, you may have noticed that miniatures and dollhouses are having their moment. There are television competition shows dedicated to the craft, and high-end auction houses have taken advantage of the demand. In December, ... More

  • How One Artist’s Legacy Lives On

    How One Artist’s Legacy Lives On

    Artist John Giorno led an action-packed life and was a pioneer in the worlds of art and poetry

    Every person can look back on their life and see a great opera,” said artist, activist and poet John Giorno about his own extraordinary life. Giorno became enveloped in the New York art world after a brief but significant romance with Andy Warhol, during which he appeared as the subject ... More