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by Natasha Wolff | August 3, 2023 11:19 am

Founded in 1996, the Belvedere[1] is a family-owned luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos offering sweeping views of Chora and the Aegean Sea. This elegant Mediterranean property offers a wide array of rooms, suites and private villas enriched with hilltop and waterfront views. The relaxing Pool Club, peaceful Six Senses Spa and bustling Belvedere Bar are just a few of the onsite offerings. Recently, the Belvedere debuted 26 residential-style hilltop rooms and suites up the hill from the main complex that are easily accessible via shuttle service. These rooms blend an elegant Greek aesthetic[2] with modern amenities, employing raw materials such as plaster, marble and wood. Recently, the hotel’s Matsuhisa restaurant celebrated its 20th anniversary with the opening of an alfresco omakase bar. “Not only was it the first Matsuhisa in Europe, but also the first open-air Nobu Matsuhisa in the world,” says chef Nobu Matsuhisa. “I arrived in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the energetic atmosphere of the island. I love going to the beach, swimming daily, exploring the small villages and indulging in Greek food and culture.”

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

The view from the sundeck of room 113

DuJour spoke with the property’s general manager Eleni Karavokirakou to discover what makes it so special.

What’s the most requested room at the property?

Room 113, also known as the Panoramic Room with a private sundeck.

What makes it so special?

Located on the first floor, it is renowned for its luxury, design and the breathtaking views it provides from its private terrace. This room overlooks Mykonos Town, the Aegean Sea and the hotel making it the top choice for guests and boasts intricate details like marble finishes, plasterwork and hand-sculpted wood that mimic the undulating patterns of the sea, evoking a sense of harmony and tranquility. It is among the select few rooms in the hotel where guests can soak in a bath while still being captivated by the magnificent views outside. Whether it’s hosting intimate gatherings under the soft glow of Mykonian sunsets or simply seeking a serene escape, Room 113 perfectly encapsulates luxury, design and location.

What is the nightly rate for this room?

From €1,100

The Belvedere Mykonos

The Belvedere Mykonos

What’s an interesting tidbit about the hotel that speaks to its status as an icon?

Originally built in 1850s when as the mansion Stoupa, it was renowned for its prime location and unique architecture. From the 1960s to 1990s, it served as a preferred vacation spot for distinguished guests, including French politicians and European artists. The property gained legendary status when Argentinian painter Pierro Amversa hosted extravagant parties there. After Pierro’s era, the Ioannidis family reclaimed the mansion, leading to the birth of the Belvedere Hotel.

What’s your personal favorite room? Why?

The Waterfront Villa. This historical property built in the late 60s boasts its own pool and is perfectly situated, offering tranquil views of the Aegean Sea while being just a 5-minute walk from Mykonos Town. The villa comprises three spacious suites with dedicated butler service and an infinity pool.

What special perk or amenity do you offer that no one knows about?

Our personalized welcome treat. It’s a secret surprise for our guests upon check-in, adding a special touch to their stay and making them feel warmly welcomed from the start.

What’s your favorite design element on property?

The hand-sculpted wood. It’s not just an element of decor but an intricate piece of art that mirrors the surface of the sea. This unique design feature adds an authentic island charm to the property and stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines the hotel’s aesthetic.

The Belvedere Villa Next Door at Belvedere Mykonos

The Belvedere Villa Next Door at Belvedere Mykonos

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