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  • Lou Reed in Retrospect

    Lou Reed in Retrospect

    Rolling Stone music critic Anthony DeCurtis remembers a friend and rock and roll trailblazer
  • Did They Really Just Say That?

    Did They Really Just Say That?

    From Justin Bieber's brothel rumors to Tom Cruise's Scientology woes, the six most surprising statements of the week
  • A Taste of Legendary Fried Chicken

    A Taste of Legendary Fried Chicken

    John Legend stops by New York City's Food and Wine Festival
  • Defining Listener X

    Defining Listener X

    Electronic group Lilacs & Champagne's Emil Amos sounds off on the band's unexpected hit
  • Getting To Know Lou

    Getting To Know Lou

    French songbird Lou Doillon is about to embark on her first U.S. tour—and defy a few expectations in the process
  • Inspired Interiors

    Inspired Interiors

    Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow opens up about the personal nature of her sophomore album
  • A Trip to Paradise

    A Trip to Paradise

    For his latest album, rocker Diego Garcia finds inspiration from the crooners of another generation
  • ‘Naked’ and Well Dressed

    ‘Naked’ and Well Dressed

    Here's what Alisa Xayalith, vocalist for rising rock band The Naked and Famous, packed for her first world tour
  • Gloria’s New Groove

    Gloria’s New Groove

    In year 30 of a hugely successful career, the singer's reminded why life isn't about to slow down
  • Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

    Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

    The future's looking bright for three rock stars. Restoration Hardware turns up the music
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