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  • Defining Listener X

    Defining Listener X

    Electronic group Lilacs & Champagne's Emil Amos sounds off on the band's unexpected hit
  • Getting To Know Lou

    Getting To Know Lou

    French songbird Lou Doillon is about to embark on her first U.S. tour—and defy a few expectations in the process
  • Inspired Interiors

    Inspired Interiors

    Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow opens up about the personal nature of her sophomore album
  • A Trip to Paradise

    A Trip to Paradise

    For his latest album, rocker Diego Garcia finds inspiration from the crooners of another generation
  • ‘Naked’ and Well Dressed

    ‘Naked’ and Well Dressed

    Here's what Alisa Xayalith, vocalist for rising rock band The Naked and Famous, packed for her first world tour
  • Gloria’s New Groove

    Gloria’s New Groove

    In year 30 of a hugely successful career, the singer's reminded why life isn't about to slow down
  • Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

    Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

    The future's looking bright for three rock stars. Restoration Hardware turns up the music
  • Bonjour, Au Revoir Simone

    Bonjour, Au Revoir Simone

    After a four-year hiatus, the beloved indie pop band reunites and finds a place in the company of a few rock legends
  • Checking in with Broadway’s Janis Joplin

    Checking in with Broadway’s Janis Joplin

    From eschewing pop music in her teens to the grit in her voice, Mary Bridget Davies was born for this role
  • A Linda Ronstadt Tribute by Rufus Wainwright

    A Linda Ronstadt Tribute by Rufus Wainwright

    On the day her memoir "Simple Dreams" releases, the musician pays a personal homage to one of rock-n-roll's most alluring stars
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