Virgil Abloh Launches Latest Venture, “HOME”

by Natasha Wolff | September 2, 2019 1:00 pm

To say that Virgil Abloh is a bit of a renaissance man[1] would be quite an understatement. Always one to look towards the future, the artist-designer[2]–DJ[3] has added another impressive moniker to his already lengthy resume with his latest venture: home goods designer.

Aptly titled “HOME,” this debut to the Off-White label is broken up into three unique categories: “CERAMICS,” “BED,” and “BATH.” Abloh’s take on each grouping creates a decidedly versatile mix of goods in chic neutral palettes with just enough eccentricity and pops of color to allow the line to stand out among the masses of fashion houses taking a stab at the decor market[4].

Virgil Abloh's "HOME" Collection

Virgil Abloh’s “HOME” Collection

The largest offering within the collection, “CERAMICS,” consists of a wide selection of earthenware creations including a dining set, coffee mug, cup, pitcher, round tray, ashtray, and soap dish. Playing on Abloh’s strengths of taking the traditional and making it feel modern, the pieces offer a strong nod to classical Dutch Delft or Chinoiserie design aesthetics, paired with the brands often favored minimalist flair. Each piece features an ivory-colored base and delicate cornflower blue grass design with the line’s name underneath. For the “BED” portion of the collection, Abloh created a luxurious 100% cotton double bed set in coconut milk-white featuring the iconic arrow logo embroidered on the sheets. Also, on offer from the label, a beautiful tassel knit cashmere wool throw, in a stand out shade of poppy-red. The final installment is “BATH” and it consists of a lavish terry cloth towel set and robe with embellishments of the brand’s logo intertwined in a delicate vine motif.

The collection launches on Off-White’s website[5] on September 1 and comes in a range of prices from $95 to $635.

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