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Watch & Learn: Tony Parker’s Tissot

The Spurs star’s très chic timepiece

There’s something about the French and their effortless style that we envy. Take, for example, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. On court, one forgets that he’s a Belgian-born, French-raised athlete. But pictured here at the Par Coeur Gala in Paris last month, Parker cuts a continental figure in a black and white ensemble. The capper of this look is his monochromatic Tissot Luxury Automatic Chronometer 80.

Texture is what makes the Luxury Automatic Chronometer so dazzling. It’s big (48mm) but there are lots of deluxe details—a satin finished, stainless steel case and bracelet with chamfered lugs. The sides of the case are embossed with a basket-weave pattern. The black dial has a lot of depth with a faceted bezel and sparkling diamond markers.

The Tissot Luxury Automatic Chronometer 80 watch

Like the dapper Parker, the watch has an easy elegance. But as a player, Parker is best known for his endurance. The point guard has been with the Spurs since 2001—a lengthy career in professional sports. The Luxury Automatic is also celebrated for its longevity.  This timepiece is fitted with a Powermatic 80 movement, a COSC certified mechanism. The COSC is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute and is responsible for certifying the accuracy and precision of wristwatches in Switzerland.

A self-winding movement is already a thing of simple beauty. It uses your daily motions to wind the watch. When you’re not wearing the watch, it stores energy to keep it running for a while longer. Typical automatic movements have power reserves that last about 40 hours. But the Powermatic’s power reserve means that you can take your watch off on Friday and it’ll still be ticking on Monday.

After 15 years, Parker is still the engine that powers San Antonio. And if you’re looking for a fine everyday watch to keep your look on track, the Luxury Automatic Chronometer might just do the trick.