Tom Brady Is Having a Time

by Natasha Wolff | October 14, 2015 12:30 pm

“Time is everything, man,” says Tom Brady. “Time is so precious to all of us.”

The star quarterback is standing in a back stairwell at a film studio-cum-event space in Tribeca. “I’ve always been a fan of watches,” he adds after being ushered into the neon-lit egress by a team of security guards and publicists. On the other side of a closed door, the crowd of attendees at an event hosted by TAG Heuer[1] was growing fast and clamoring for selfies with the 38-year-old superstar. 

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of the watchmaker, had just landed after a long flight and arrived at the party to announce that Brady is the company’s new brand ambassador. Biver was also on hand to show off a newly released model: the Carrera – Heuer 01.

With so many incredible sponsorship opportunities within reach, why TAG?  “I think it’s a great fit—a lot of the shared common values,” says the four-time Super Bowl champion[2] of the partnership. “I think they’re working hard on a lot of innovations, they’re working hard on getting better. They’ve been a great brand for a long time.”

Brady—sporting a closely trimmed beard, double breasted black suit, white dress shirt and pocket square—says he believes the Swiss timepiece manufacturer aligns with his own sense of style. Asked to describe his aesthetic approach, Brady smiles.

“I’m more of a classic type, you know? Classic and sporty.”

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