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Watch & Learn: Tim Cook’s Apple Watch

Will this wearable tech timepiece take off?

Here is a picture of Apple CEO Tim Cook wearing the entry level Watch in Stainless Steel with a Sapphire Crystal, Retina Display, Ceramic Back and White Fluoroelastomer sport band. It’s a good-looking wristband, but will it be a game-changing watch? Specifically for collectors of haute horology, the question is: Would you buy one?

While the company isn’t unveiling its smart watch until March 9, enough intel has been leaked to pique the interest of watch fans.

Unlike earlier wearable tech, Apple’s timepiece was designed to look and feel as familiar as a real watch. Apple’s lead product designer Jonathan Ive is a collector himself and the rectangular shape of the case and touchscreen is supposedly inspired by the Cartier Santos. And one uses a ridged digital crown to navigate the device.

Apple watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch’s modular design is also appealing to enthusiasts. It comes in two sizes—38mm and 42mm—and can be set up to work on either your left or right wrist. There are also three different models: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The Watch and Watch Sport models are available in two finishes of stainless steel and aluminum. Watch Edition comes in 18-karat yellow or rose gold. And each watch comes with a variety of time telling faces. Basic models are expected to cost around $350, the Edition model will reportedly be priced at $10,000.

Apple Watch Edition

Collectors are not being shallow when it comes to judging the Apple Watch by its appearance. The pre-launch energy Apple has put into making inroads in the luxury market (advertising in fashion magazines and holding events at high-end boutiques such as Colette in Paris) indicates that the timepiece won’t be obsolete in three years.

Still, until it can prove that it can stand the test of time, the Apple Watch is not going to put the mechanical manufactures out of business either.