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Making a Different Kind of Connection at Coachella

Our watch columnist takes Tag Heuer’s Connected watch for a test drive at the legendary music festival

While every outdoor concert destination has its own unique ambiance, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has evolved over the years to become a major event on the street style circuit. In fact, Instagram celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni drew as much attention in the VIP sections as award-winners like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Aaron Paul. Which is why smart watches are playing a big part in the festival fun. As laid back as the concert vibe is supposed to be, an Internet it-girl (or boy) needs to stay on schedule and, if travelling with a wolf pack, keep in contact with friends.  

We checked out the first of the festival’s two weekends with Tag Heuer—the official Timekeeper of Coachella—to test out their new Connected watch. This timepiece is a mash up of high-end Swiss watchmaking and California technological know-how from Intel Inside and Android Wear. Plus, it accessorizes well with an armload of wristbands.

Tag Heuer watch

Even if you have a smartphone, one can use the Connected watch to check messages when using your phone to periscope the LCD Soundsystem set. And between phone and watch, you can juggle multiple messages. You can also turn it into a remote control to take pictures of yourself from your phone so you don’t have to look ridiculous holding a selfie stick. Or you can eschew the whole phone thing entirely, because when you’re wearing ridiculously tiny, high-waisted shorts, you probably don’t have useable pockets to carry one in anyway.

While any smart watch can send push notifications and texts, what really sets the Connected watch apart from the competition is its style. For example, its 46mm case has real presence on the wrist and it features digital dial options that look like Tag Heuer’s most iconic models. You can make the screen look like a Carrera and, between visits to the various stages, you can swap it out for a Monaco.

In the end, other festivalgoers were naturally curious about the Connected watch and started asking questions about it, leading us to make, well, a few more connections.