Atelier Swarovski by Rosie Assoulin

by Natasha Wolff | September 7, 2016 10:00 am

Ever since Rosie Assoulin debuted on the fashion stage three years ago, she’s been stretching the boundaries of expectation, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that her latest capsule collection makes use of one very stretchy material: rubber. Jewel-y McHue-y, Assoulin’s collaboration for Atelier Swarovski, is made up of 12 unique pieces of jewelry featuring sparkling Swarovski crystals in reimagined (rubber) Georgian settings. The autumn/winter 2016 collection’s colors span an understated, moody rainbow—from dark moss green and silvershade to denim blue and light Colorado topaz.

Assoulin—whose dramatic sculptural designs require couture-friendly doorways—is one of fashion’s boldest new talents, rejecting minimalist trends for vast ruffles, cutouts and flares. Every piece is a statement piece, and her jewelry line demands no less attention. If you thought you’d only find rubber burning on the highway, get ready to find it on the runway.



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