Travel in Style With The New Away x Serena Williams Launch

by Natasha Wolff | February 10, 2020 12:30 pm

For many of us who have been blessed with an insatiable case of wanderlust, traveling is an opportunity to explore new land, devour diverse cuisine, and embrace a destination’s history. Whether you’re taking a weekend getaway to a nearby undiscovered city or trekking across the globe for a well-deserved vacation to paradise, the key to traveling well is having high-quality luggage. From a sturdy carry-on bag that you can grab and go to the durable suitcase that will make its way through airport security without a dent, luggage is crucial.

Away is celebrated for their premium quality luggage[1] as well as their range of styles, sizes, and shapes. From bold colors to neutral prints, Away offers something for every type of traveler. Their latest collaborative collection is with tennis superstar Serena Williams[2]. Williams spends a huge part of her life traveling to Grand Slam tennis tournaments[3], fashion shows, events, and eventually, her home in the United States, so naturally, she has an eye for style as well as quality travel gear.

This limited-edition collection was co-designed by Williams, so her stamp of approval is across every piece. The collection includes four softside[4] Away styles: The Expandable Carry-On, The Expandable Bigger Carry-On, The Expandable Medium, and The Expandable Large. If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, the Rouge color way is available in four hardside[5] styles as well: The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, The Medium, and The Large.

Each of the luggage styles are available in a bright Rouge exterior with multi-colored camo print interiors for a pop of excitement. To top off the collection, there are two travel accessories available: Insider Packing Cubes[6] and Away’s first-ever Shoe Cubes[7], both of which are designed to match the Away x Serena Williams collaboration.

So, no matter where you are traveling to, or why, opt for a chic Away suitcase and do it in style.

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