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by Natasha Wolff | October 31, 2018 12:30 pm

The former Pretty Little Liars star has us all (21.1 million of us, to be exact) hooked on her Instagram account[1], flaunting the most enviable adventures all across the globe. From New York City to Paris, Shay Mitchell is a well-traveled[2] social media influencer who is celebrated for encouraging fans to satisfy their globetrotting cravings, no matter where they take you. “It’s about exploring the unknown. I love going back to places I’m familiar with but I also love getting lost and not knowing where I am and figuring it out,” the actress says of her love of travel. With her newest venture, Mitchell is putting her passion for exploring to good use in the form of a travel collection called BÉIS[3], meaning beige.

The curated line is comprised of seven essential styles that Mitchell herself helped design in order to make traveling more comfortable. “I always say when you’re comfortable, you stop growing. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re being stretched in ways you didn’t know possible. I want you to go out of your comfort zone while still being comfortable with the essential items you need,” she says of her collection.

BÉIS by Shay Mitchell

BÉIS by Shay Mitchell

Featuring a neutral color palette, each item included in BÉIS can work in a range of destinations and can be tailored to your type of trip. From The Makeup Bag that features a removable mirror with stand to The Duffle that includes a slip to fit over a trolley handle, the collection was inspired by Mitchell’s personal experiences, and her desire to create items that are functional, chic and easier to travel with. “I’m traveling and doing my makeup in the car, on planes, on trains, and for me, carrying a makeup bag and trying to look in the reflection of the mirror… it was just bad,” she says of her desire to make an all-in-one cosmetic case.

With products like The Backpack and The Weekender, Mitchell has managed to cater to the world traveler as well as the person looking for a quick weekend getaway. “I know how expensive it is to travel and I’m so fortunate I’m able to but for the people who may not be able to buy a plane ticket right now, you can use these pieces to go to the gym or even a staycation,” she explains. The desire to explore the unknown and experience new cultures is evident with Mitchell and her goal with BÉIS is to excite people to do the same, on whatever scale works for them.

BÉIS by Shay Mitchell

BÉIS by Shay Mitchell

The entrepreneur has made it a point to include practical design elements like water resistant linings, padded laptop sleeves and zip compartments to help keep you organized whether you’re heading across town or across continents. “I’m really putting a personal touch on this in more ways than one and I just want to share my love of travel and make it easier for people to not feel scared when exploring somewhere new,” she says of BÉIS. With hard luggage on the horizon, Mitchell is ready to make traveling chic and stylish while also practical. And with upcoming trips to Tokyo and South Africa, you can trust we’ll be following along.

The entire collection is available at[4] and[5]


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