Shop These Cute Cotton Face Masks

by intern | May 22, 2020 11:30 am

Face masks[1] are everywhere nowadayssometimes recommended, sometimes required[2]. We wear them to protect ourselves and others from the spread of coronavirus, but does that mean we have to wear the same uniform blue surgical masks or construction-site respirators as everyone else? No. In fact, the CDC[3] advised the public back in April that unless you’re a healthcare worker, you should wear a tightly-woven cloth covering instead, such as a scarf[4].

Hair-accessories brand Kitsch[5] has embraced this recommendation. The brand is now selling 100% cotton, 3-ply face masks. Available in three colorways: neutral, leopard, and blush, these printed face masks[6] are as much of an accessory as they are a health mandate. Each pack ($9) contains three masks that are washable to be worn again and again. Donning a cute cotton mask might just allow you to feel a little more dressed-up, as we gaze wistfully at the sundresses in our closets and daydream about what might’ve been before putting on a T-shirt and leggings to head out on a daily afternoon walk for fresh air.

Kitsch has donated $10,000 worth of masks to hairdressers and beauticians, providing protection for both stylists and clients as salons begin to reopen.

The cotton masks are available on[7]

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