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Inside the enviable life of model mogul Scott Lipps—and his photo collection of Courtney, Petra and more

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He’s island hopped with supermodels, partied with the fashion world elite, and had no less a superstar than Courtney Love dedicate a song to his parents. This is Scott Lipps’ reality. As the founder and CEO of One Management, he oversees the careers of a variety of bold-faced names, from Claudia Schiffer and Iman to A$AP Rocky and Sean Avery. “When you’re around talent like that on a daily basis, there’s noway not to capture it,” Lipps tells DuJour, which explains Poplipps: Plus One, his new book of candid photography released this October, and whose name comes from his popular blog. “I never even knew how to use a camera,” he says. “But it happened so organically and has become a real passion of mine lately.”

But then, Lipps is the kind of guy who seems good at nearly everything. He moved to L.A. when he was 17 to become a drummer (and worked in a tanning salon and sandwich shop to get by), later joining a rock band and learning about the management business while he was on tour. This experience led to jobs at Next and Karin Models. In 2001, Lipps struck out on his own with the full-service agency One Management, which he says “is exactly what I want to be doing. I love the creative process of business and helping people be really successful.” He tells DuJour: “Life has a funny way of bringing you things naturally through the universe. I’m blessed to say that I am living my bucket list and getting to check things off everyday.” Not too shabby for a kid with a pair of drumsticks and a whole lot of chutzpah.



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