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Label to Watch: RtA

Everything you need to know about new denim and leather label Road to Awe

Who: RtA by Eli Azran and David Rimokh

What: The Road to Awe may sound a bit kitschy for a serious fashion brand, but for 27-year-old French-born Azran and 26-year-old L.A. native Rimokh, the process of crafting their debut collection of denim and leather pieces was a journey that ended with some of the most covetable pieces of this season and the one to come. In the words of the designers themselves, the RtA girl is “an individual—a rebel who sets trends without trying; has substance and promise.” It’s a statement that’s being embraced by high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Ron Herman where Road to Awe is currently in stock. Pieces are vintage-inspired, with jeans and leather created with unique finishes. RtA is also wholly produced in L.A., with a majority of the fabrics being sourced from Turkey and France. Might be time to update your go-to blue jeans with a little bit of awe.

What fall and spring will bring: Leather jackets and a variety of shirts and perforated tanks for layering for spring 2014, and a complete collection of second skin denim for fall 2014.

Where you’ll be seeing it: At Bergdorf Goodman, Curve, Ron Herman and on the more than a few models off duty.