Our Lady of Rocco Launches With Menswear

by Natasha Wolff | September 16, 2021 12:30 pm

New York City-based womenswear brand, La Ligne, and chef and restaurateur, Mario Carbone, have come together to create the debut collection from Our Lady of Rocco[1] made up of men’s ready-to-wear styles inspired by 1980s New York City. Alongside his Major Food Group co-founders Jeff Zalaznick and Rich Torrisi, Carbone has had a hand in dreaming up the chic uniforms for his celebrity-approved restaurants like ZZ’s Sushi Bar[2] and Carbone[3], making his collaboration with La Ligne a perfect match.

Our Lady of Rocco is made up of 19 pieces inspired by the effortlessly elegant style Carbone witnessed growing up in New York City. “It has a certain 1980s Italian-American feel that I associate with the Members Only apparel I remember my dad and uncles wearing back in the day,” Carbone says. With an emphasis on uniform dressing, the collection is a direct extension of the timeless essentials brand that is signature to La Ligne[4]. 

The collection ranges from $95 to $595 for the unique navy satin “Our Lady of Rocco”embroidered bomber jacket. To celebrate the new collection, Mario Carbone and La Ligne will be offering an immersive, in-person shopping experience at 275 Mulberry Street, the latest restaurant space from Major Food Group. The collection will also be sold online at the OLOR website[5].

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