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The Future of The Office of Angela Scott

One fearless leader and style icon is paving the way for female entrepreneurs, one beautiful shoe at a time

Showcasing your personal style and expert flair for fashion while simultaneously solidifying yourself as a force to be reckoned with in a professional arena can be challenging. Angela Scott, superstar entrepreneur and designer of her namesake women’s footwear brand The Office of Angela Scott, has mastered this skill. Her powerful fashion choices dissipate into her shoe designs, offering strong statement shoes for females, as well as a strong role model. “Being a woman in business has given me the strength to be a great leader. As a female entrepreneur it’s important to understand how to balance the unique personality traits that are innately female; that of precise decision making and multitasking and one’s elegance and refinement, traits that allow women to be great CEOs, entrepreneurs, and mothers,” Scott says of her outlook as a female businessperson.

The Office of Angela Scott represents all women, from future entrepreneurs to students to mothers to Angela Scott herself. The shoes that come from this brand can be bold and unapologetic or poetic and subtle. No matter what design you choose, Scott wants her shoes to support women and their strengths and personalities. “The shoes  aren’t about us and our branding, they are about the women wearing them,” Scott adds.

The Office of Angela Scott

For Scott personally, her go-to outfit is a pair of tailored Thom Browne trousers, a crisp white button down, mid-length coat, and a classic double monkstrap oxford. Oh, and don’t forget a cheeky printed scarf following her from her back pocket. Working in what was a male-dominated field, Scott definitely takes on a much more masculine design aesthetic, but with feminine touches sprinkled throughout. “I believe women in fashion have always been making great strides. Coco Chanel was a pioneer, and is still leaving a huge impression on fashion today,” Scott says of the fashion industry. “Maybe the difference today is that there are more young women with aspirations to be CEOs and founders, so that normally male-dominated field is now becoming more gender diverse.”

The Office of Angela Scott

With more women taking the initiative to create, make, start, and build their businesses and brands, Scott is looking to her own company’s future with ambition and excitement. In its eighth year, Scott is inspired to honor women and encourage her customers to push the boundaries, strive for more, and to walk proudly in their Office of Angela Scott shoes. “A day with huge sales at our company is incredible, but even more significant are the days when I receive letters from clients sharing that they walked across a stage in our shoes when they graduated from Harvard Law School. Or, how confident our shoes made them feel when they gave a lecture to a crowd of 20,000 medical professionals,” Scott admits. “This is the future of The Office of Angela Scott,” she adds.