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Nicky Hilton Wrote the Book on Fashion

The author of the new style bible 365 Style on regrets, must-haves and her favorite fall looks—selfies included

The most surprising thing about Nicky Hilton’s first book, 365 Style, might just be that it’s only just now coming out. After all, 30-year-old Hilton’s been a fixture in the public eye since she was a teenager thanks to her work on and off the runway as a model, fashion designer and, as you might remember, something of a tabloid sensation. These days, however, what Hilton’s most focused on is helping others develop their own sense of style.

“I sat down and started writing this book because I have a pretty unique perspective on fashion, having grown up in New York, modeled as a teenager and designed collections at a young age,” Hilton says. “I’ve learned a lot over the years, so there’s educational stuff in the book but there are also funny anecdotes sprinkled in, personal photos, tips, tales; it’s my ode to fashion.”

What Hilton’s offering is a simplified style system for her readers to live by. “A lot of people think that the 365 in the title stands for being a stylist 365 days a year, but it’s actually a method I came up to help simplify your wardrobe,” she explains. “I discovered if you stick to six main clothing essentials and five accessories, you’ll be able to create plenty of different looks and not overwhelm your closet. You’ll start finding your own sense of style based on these staples that are unique to you.” 

And while Hilton’s certainly got the qualifications to help her readers, she readily admits even she hasn’t always been stylistically infallible.

“I would definitely say I regret my really tan phase,” she says with a laugh. “I was living in Los Angeles, around the corner from a tanning salon, and needless to say I frequented it quite often. But, in my defense, everyone was orange back then.”

Though Hilton’s tan eventually faded, her fashion instincts never did. And in honor of the launch of her book, Hilton dug into her own closet to find nine fall favorites that could work for any clotheshorse. Check out her choices below.

“This is me with my Edy Parker clutch. I am obsessed with monograming; it’s one of my signatures. I love personalizing things, especially gifts for my friends.”



“This is a Valentino dress, but I love the look I paired with it: simple red lips and a top knot. That’s one of my favorite looks.”


“I love stripes. I think they’re classic and they never go out of season. And stripes and pearls is just a timeless combination.”


“Animal embroidery is a huge trend for fall, there will be lots of different insects and animals. This was a Valentino dress, and I love a little animal action on any piece of clothing.”


“I’m obsessed with cats. I’m the proud owner of two cats—they’re named Mac and Cheese—so I love incorporating anything with a cat into my wardrobe. The shoes are made by Charlotte Olympia.”



“Another trend I love for fall is the floppy hats, and this one is from Topshop.”


“I only wear faux fur, so this is a faux fur vest and I’m in Connecticut.”


“I love laced-up booties for fall. I always pair them with tights or leather leggings. They’re my go-to fall shoe.”


“This is at Chiltern Firehouse in London. I love plaid; this skirt is Alice and Olivia and the bag is Chanel. I also change up my phone cases all the time. Right now I have a new Chanel case I bought in London.”



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