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Alexis Bittar Designs Earrings For The Mugler Woman

Accessory DuJour : We can’t wait to see Lady Gaga wear these oversized, sculptural metal earrings.

Nicola Formichetti’s modern Mugler woman has become synonymous with an edgy, almost robotic sexiness à la Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. There’s always a provocative undertone to his designs, not only in the clothes themselves, but in the accessories as well. For fall 2013, it was Formichetti’s collaboration with Alexis Bittar on metal earrings that stood out, but also balanced surprisingly well with a collection that had a more demure, retro feel. Suspended from the ear at what seems like zero gravity, the sculptural jewelry plays with physics and is the perfect investment piece – for fall and far into the future.