Louis Vuitton’s Smartwatch Has a New Feature

by Natasha Wolff | August 2, 2018 1:00 pm

Can an old dog learn new tricks? Old-world luxury heavyweight Louis Vuitton answered the question for fashion lovers last year when they released the brand’s first-ever smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon. Available in a series of straps with customizable dials, the watch carries the brand’s indulgent approach to personalization into the tech arena. Most recently, they’re bringing it to travel as well. While the watch has allowed flight and boarding alerts since last year, the new “City Game”[1] unlocks a series of watch dials in a number of cities selected by the brand.

The game, which allows wearers to dodge obstacles while navigating various cities including Paris, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, brings international locations inspired by Louis Vuitton’s city guides to the players’ wrists and fingertips. While one taps the watch face to dodge the obstructions (players are represented by the street style favorite Louis Vuitton Archlight sneaker[2] on a moving track), each city unlocks a new dial. Players can even replay the game to maximize their scores.

A clear reference to the brand’s love for the “Art of Travel,” as they put it, the watch itself is the latest in luxury tech. It packs a bit more than your average smartwatch: on top of standard timekeeping and fitness tracking, you can even digitally monogram your LV-patterned dial. About a year after its release, the watch’s exclusive updates keep rolling out, the latest being the City Game. It turns out that new dogs can learn new tricks, too.

Main image credit: Louis Vuitton[3]

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