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Inside Kendall Jenner’s Closet

The supermodel just kicked off the most stylish VR experience yet

One often wonders where (and how) the world’s most stylish people store their accouterments. When it comes to one of the world’s top supermodels, Kendall Jenner, we could guess that her system involves a walk-in closet, a stylist and of course a closet organizer – but as of today speculation is no longer necessary thanks to the first installment of Vogue’s new series, Supermodel Closets.

The series, a partnership between Condé Nast Entertainment and Google’s VR technology Daydream, opens the door to generations of top models’ closets, from Jenner to Cindy Crawford. Thanks to 360-degrees content that allows you to click play, drag and drop the screen to wherever in the room you’d like to see, the series is the next best thing to actually hanging out with the model.

Oh, and there are two of them. Yes: two closets.

The first one is pretty typical for the walk-in you’d expect any supermodel to have: a massive marble island sits at the center of wrap-around shelving and a funky chandelier ties the room together. This closet is where Jenner pulls out a pair of booties gifted to her by none other than Kanye West, and an oversized vintage Hermes tote that, she says, is “a really good airport bag.” But after a few more pulls–a pair of Marc Jacobs jeans she discovered on set and a sentimental onesie from last year’s Christmas–it’s on to the second closet: where the real fun begins.

“That’s kind of it in here, we can go in the more fun closet now!” Jenner says before showing off a $5,000 pair of thigh-high Manolo Blahnik’s, her favorite fanny packs (one of which formerly belonged to her grandmother) and the crème de la crème: her 2016 Met Gala Versace gown. “I made it come home with me, and now it chills,” she explains. “I ran into Cindy Crawford on the red carpet and we took a photo together, and it honestly made all my dreams come true.” That, we can surely all agree, sound like fun.

For more stylish anecdotes and style-envy, watch below for Kendall Jenner’s full closet tour.




Courtesy of Vogue


Main Image: Instagram.com