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Much A ‘Do About Diamonds

The details on Graff’s remake of its iconic “Hair and Jewel” look—and how to possibly pull it off if you’re not Marie Antoinette

Laurence Graff, the founder and chairman of the London-based jewelry company Graff Diamonds, once proclaimed that a diamond can never be too big—furthermore, that the glittering rocks are “never, ever vulgar.” Now, the 75-year-old jeweler seems to be putting his money where his mouth is as he debuts the creation of a one-of-a-kind coiffure featuring an astounding half-a-billion dollars’ worth of precious gemstones.

The literally inimitable look is a modern update of a Graff classic (pictured left): In 1970, he created a million-dollar “Hair and Jewel,” as he called it, that was inspired by the outrageous sculptural ‘dos worn by 18th century royals like Marie Antoinette. Both the original and the remake involve serpentine coils of impossible thick hair; nesting in the new version are no less than twenty-two incredible pieces, including a ten-carat blue diamond, a fifty-carat yellow diamond and the two fifty-carat heart-shaped white diamonds known as the Graff Sweethearts.

Clearly, this isn’t a style that most women can try at home. But the central idea of incorporating a rarely-worn sparkler into your evening-out updo is eminently feasible. Just make sure that whatever piece you choose—a brooch, pendant or earring—is well anchored (and, better still, properly insured); you don’t want to spend the night obsessively checking to make sure that the family jewels are still firmly set atop your crown.

Watch a video of the recreation below:



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