French Invasion

by Natasha Wolff | April 3, 2013 12:00 am

Sandro’s newest store located at 150 Spring Street

New Yorkers just can’t get enough of French style – or perhaps it’s the other way around? Either way, the love affair between New York City retail and Parisian-based stores is continuing to blossom. (And what else could be more appropriate for spring shopping[1]?)

While it seems like an eternity since high-street stores Sandro[2] and Maje[3] joined Chloé[4], Chanel[5], Isabel Marant[6] and Zadig & Voltaire[7] on the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan, in less than two years the sister shops[8] have collectively launched six locations in Manhattan. The most recent of the bunch – a Sandro boutique, pictured above – opened in March.

Now, Iro[9] (pictured at right), a label known for designing Kate Moss’ favorite t-shirts[10] and other très chic separates, has opened it’s doors on Broome Street, and Claudie Pierlot[11] will be sold[12] at Bloomingdale’s[13] on the Upper East side (plans for a stand-alone store, coming to an excited blog near you soon).

Take a look at the map below to find out where these French hot spots are located: 


View French Stores in a larger map

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