8 To-Die-For Fragrances

by Natasha Wolff | December 10, 2013 3:04 pm

There’s a bit of a gamble in gifting fragrances. Because scent is so personal and subjective, the thought actually counts here. And with thousands of options on the market, choosing wisely is key: one imperfect note could mean the difference between a pretty bottle forever on the vanity and their new signature scent. Here, we’ve handpicked eight indulgent fragrances, including a few candles, to point you in the right direction.


Nirvana Black’s intoxicating blend of violet, sandalwood and vanilla is subtly seducing while Nirvana White lightens up with a floral, peony musk. Worn alone, each perfume makes a lasting impression but paired together it’s twice as nice. Nirvana White, $75; Nirvana Black, $75 ELIZABETH AND JAMES, sephora.com[1]. Available December 13

Earthy hints of spicy patchouli and Egyptian Iris give off a sophisticated, exotic vibe. One solid spritz should last him all day, from the boardroom to a night out on the town. Spice & Wood, CREED, $225, creedboutique.com[2]

Coast across the Atlantic with crisp bergamot, red grapefruit and zesty citron for a revitalizing mix that blends so beautifully it can easily be worn by a man or a woman. Blue Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi, $140, ACQUA DI PARMA, barneys.com[3]

Like a smooth cocktail, Gérald Ghislain’s Italian bergamot and juniper berry composition is fresh and delicious. Hemingway, HISTOIRES DE PARFUM, $125, colehaan.com[4]

This light womanly scent will turn her dreams of Paris into reality with elegant jasmine, orange blossom and sparkling pink pepper. Place Vendôme, $115, BOUCHERON, nordstrom.com[5]

Fred Segal’s carefully curated set of warm fragrance oils are a foolproof way for them to hit all the right notes. The Blend Kit No. 1, $150, FRED SEGAL, theblendfragrance.com[6]

Rose, musk and black pepper make a case for cabin fever this season. Signature Scent candle, $225, WHITTEMORE HOUSE SALON, whittemorehousesalon.com[7]

Orange Chai and Indian Incense are a few of the rich scents in this warming, winter-perfect set. Holiday Candle Collection, $68 each, DIPTYQUE PARIS, diptyqueparis.com[8]



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