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Ford. Tom Ford

The designer tailors scene-stealing suits for Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Skyfall

Daniel Craig’s James Bond has become a synonym for elegant functionality. And that’s exactly how Skyfall costume designer Jany Temime explained the look that she wanted to create for the famed British spy, who celebrated his 50th anniversary this year.

“It’s quite difficult because James Bond is such an iconic figure that you have to respect a certain style: an English gentleman perfectly dressed up. Sometimes doing a lot of difficult stunts with beautiful, glamorous women in exotic locations. That’s what’s expected to be seen so you have to give a new look to a very successful image. They wanted suits that were very near his body. Very supple—suits that moved with him.

We fit different shapes until we found the exact shape that suited Daniel and that everybody was happy with. Then I went to Tom Ford and showed him and Tom Ford manufactured the suits. They are exceptionally well made. The fabrics are amazing. The suits are indestructible. Whatever happens, [Daniel] stands up and the suits are perfect. I wanted to give the whole look a little edge because although his suits are tailored and they are handmade, he should wear them with a little 2012 touch.”

With handsome lines and a lot of sex appeal, the suits are a stylish match made in 007 heaven.

Check out the trailer for Skyfall, out November 9, below: