Classic Dwyane

by Natasha Wolff | December 3, 2014 5:38 pm

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has gone through big changes in 2014: In August, he wed actress Gabrielle Union, and in October, he began his 12th season in Miami, surrounded by new teammates. But his latest collaboration with luxury watchmakers Hublot shows that he is not afraid to shake things up.   

“Although I’ve always had a love of tailored suits, I was more casual in my downtime,” Wade says of his personal style when he launched the King Power “D-Wade” watch in 2011. “Since then, I’ve matured as a basketball player[1], businessman, designer and father. I enjoy sporting a suit or tuxedo even when it’s not required, and I wanted a new watch to reflect that growth.” 

The result is the sophisticated Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade[2], an elegant sports watch with a sleek case made of polished black ceramic. “It’s bold without being too big,” says Vincent Vuillaume, president of Hublot America. Red, black and gold embellishments reflect the Heat’s team colors, and the logo is subtly integrated at three o’clock. As Vuillaume says, ”It looks good whether you’re sitting courtside or in the front row of a fashion show.”

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