Get Duke + Dexter and Snoop Dogg’s Exclusive Collection

by Natasha Wolff | June 10, 2019 2:30 pm

Known for their bold eye-catching designs and dedicated celebrity clientele, including the likes of Justin Timberlake and Tyson Beckford, luxury British label Duke + Dexter are tapping legendary rap phenom Snoop Dogg[1] for their latest limited edition collaboration. Coming in three style ways including the Duke loafer, Dexter slide and Reed mule paired with a plethora of prints inspired by the musician including one particularly statement pattern featuring an image of the rapper’s face. This exclusive collection will only have 1,000 pairs produced to ensure a custom collectible retail experience for its consumers.

Snoop 'Dogg Pack' Collection

Snoop ‘Dogg Pack’ Collection

About the line, Snoop says, “We built the collection around a ‘pool to party’ concept that can take you from your casual side vibes, all the way to your suave evening loafer.” It is that wearability for all occasions that is sure to have fans of both the rapper and brand clamoring to scoop up their own pair just in time for the summer season. On his love for the label, Snoop adds, “Duke + Dexter is a brand I’ve known about for a while now. They’ve designed some dope pairs for me in the past and every time they create something fun and different. I’ve loved the quality.”

It is this detail to craftsmanship that, just like Snoop[2], brings so many people to the brand’s door. Produced in a family run workshop in Sheffield, England that has been making shoes for over 80 years, Duke + Dexter prides itself on creating pieces to the highest standard. Able to strike the balance between classic British quality and fun fashionable designs we are sure this brand will be delighting customers with exciting new designs for years to come. Whether your sense of style is sleek and debonair or quirky and cool, this latest offering is pretty dope.

Shop the entire Snoop ‘Dogg Pack’ collection here[3]. 

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