Dior, Je t’aime

by Natasha Wolff | March 14, 2013 12:00 am

Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons is a proponent of minimalism and subtle glamour, so the celebration of his inaugural collection[1] for Christian Dior was appropriately elegant. Bergdorf Goodman skipped lining 5th Avenue with an conspicuous red carpet in lieu of a more understated gray (with white silk ropes[2], of course) and a newly-designed boutique on the second floor.

Linda Fargo, the Senior Vice President of the famed New York department store, wore one of the more grand looks[3] from Simons’ spring 2013 collection – an ankle-length gown with a full, iridescent, rose-covered skirt with a modified black top – for the celebration on Tuesday night. Following a dinner at the Four Seasons, the stylish crowd – which included Olympia Scarry, Harvey Weinstein and Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis – walked through Bergdorf’s shoe department (where this writer spotted Bill Cunningham[4] casually browsing) to the new in-store Christian Dior boutique. Surrounded by long jackets, sling-back stilettoes and white flowers, the shop is like a fantasy wardrobe. From scent, to very pointy toe.

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