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Watch & Learn: Diane Kruger’s Jaeger-LeCoultre

The German actor makes our best-dressed wrist

Now that film festival season is upon us, we’re being dazzled by the brilliance of jewelry watches. Pairing a timepiece with a gown is a delicate balance (you are not supposed to be watching the hours when you are at a formal event) but leave it to Diane Kruger to pull it off with aplomb in a Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Duoplan bracelet watch.

Seen here at the opening ceremonies of the Venice Film Festival, Kruger has long been a style inspiration for many. In fact, the German star has been rocking red carpets and making international best-dressed lists for as long as she has been making movies. One reason for her sartorial success is that she always keeps it simple with classic silhouettes and timeless accessories.

This effortless elegance is also what makes Kruger’s JLC extra-enticing. We’ve talked about the 101 before, but here’s a quick recap: in the 1920s, tiny watches were all the rage. The only problem was that mini mechanisms were not that accurate. JLC approached the problem by overlapping the inner workings of the watch in a split-level arrangement called the Duoplan, leading to the creation of the world’s smallest movement, the Caliber 101.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Duoplan bracelet watch

Today, the Joaillerie 101 collections pay tribute to that spirit of innovation by marrying horological history with breathtaking precious gemstones. Because the watch itself is jewel-sized, designers can play with the architecture of the bracelet. The 18k white gold, diamond-set Art Deco is an excellent example of the jeweler’s art: a sublime circle of gems with a tiny, almost-secret treasure of a timepiece in the middle. It’s versatile too. We’ve seen Kruger wear it layered with other bracelets and to accessorize less formal attire — it’s almost become her signature piece.

Just as Kruger can celebrate a decade of being one of fashion’s finest, the Joaillerie 101 collection continues to captivate us with its beauty.